Saturday, January 5, 2008

Celebrated 4th Spiritual Birthday

So... 4 years down the road. I feels unreal. What happened of year 2 and 3?

I wanted to celebrate, yet not to celebrate at the same time. The Indian overworking spirit is getting to me :(

Yet, friends, do not despair, I did something about it!

I got my new roomate, also from the ACE program in the company, and took him to dinner at a nice place not too far from the office. I answered a lot of questions about my experience.
I also did a message for midweek. We could not meet at the household where we were supposed to do it. So we had it outside. And it was "cold"... meaning that I was feeling comfortable while the sisters were shivering. So the leader asked me to do it again next week with more people present. I am glad. I studied sanctification for a long time and its starting to pay off in my life and enabling teaching for God's people.
I also wanted to watch the Narnia VCD I bought last week, but it wouldn't play, or would be choppy. I wasted a lot of time trying to fix it and its not really fixed either.
I also took the time to update my vision. Surprisingly, I'm praying to be loving by 3 years from now, and for eldership in the far future.
If you know me, you know its that good time to knock on wood.
Eldership used to be the one thing I thought I could never do! Yet... I can't help but to see an IT career, some missionary episodes, raising a nice godly family, a lot of theology all over the place, and somehow focusing on helping my brothers and sisters' spiritual well-being.
Don't worry, I'm not putting aside the teaching ministry. I'm just accepting the idea of being loving.
I'm also taking some time to reflect on things I'm grateful for. Lets think of a few:
- Humility. The Scriptures say to see others a better than myself. I'm not there yet, but I can accept that I don't know everything and be OK with that.
- Maturity. I'm less crazy emotional. I still need to grow up in many ways, but things are better.
- Purpose. I have something better to spend my time on than being better than everybody else. I want to hack myself and be the best that I can be (not the same as being better than everybody else) and help others do that. And bring them to heaven too.
- Joy. I'm not Mr. "joyful joyful, we adore thee" (c.f. Beethoven's 9th symphony), granted. But I don't feel my life as a burden as I used to. I'm discovering the virtues of Christian Hedonism (that's the real thing, baby!). I can put aside my stupid narcisic hedonist ways that bring me more burdens, and start enjoying the real life. God has given me a lot of sources of joy, and I'm starting to appreciate them.
- Social Strenghts: I can read people much better than ever, and build rapport and bonds very easily. In the 2 months I was in Thane, I made people LOVE me and regret my departure. Wow!
- Job: I have a job that has potential and will help me grow professionally.
- Housing: I don't live in a dump, have electricity and water all the time, etc. I am close to work, and transportation is not too much of a pain.
- Health: in a country where hepatitis can float in the water or be on your veggies, I'm generally healthy and I even lost weight. I have hope to get under 200 lbs even!
- Relationships: I'm closer to God, I have loving parents, real friends I keep in touch with despite time zones and seas, brothers, etc.
- Money: I can afford to be generous. How cool is that?
- Experiences: I have lived in those four years what many wouldn't dream of living.
That's what comes to mind for now... I'm sure that I'm being very ungrateful on so many things.

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