Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Quick Spiritual News

So... lets make it short

  • Evangelism: back in the game

  • Serving Hope

  • Study of Santification Progressing

  • Budget Shift

Evangelism: back in the game
I started doing some inviting again. I don't evangelize per se, I invite people to church. Its illegal to proselytize, but inviting to a program should be legal enough. So, yeah, I outsource to Indians ;)
And I am praying for great fruits on this one.
Serving Hope
I am teaching spoken English once a week now.
Study of Santification Progressing
Wow! What a rich topic. I'll write a paper soon about this. I feel freer, more joyful. Wow! Please, invest time in that study!!!
Budget Shift
Related to my study on sanctification, I decided to give more of my money to brothers and sisters, mostly to cover direct needs. I asked the church leadership to give me an indication of those needs, and we'll take it from there.

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