Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Having a little bit of fun for a change

So, I'm beyond deadline in my project, and there is NO WAY it'll happen. So, I'm done with overworking on this. I made a good enough progress, and it'll have to be what it is.

Thus, armed with a brother and a colleague, I went to explore downtown Mumbai on Saturday. We had a nice tour guide who brought us to Malabar Hill and we saw a lot of the sights there. The view on the city is gorgeous. I'll be linking to pictures soon.

There was another festival on Sunday. On monday, there were garlands of flowers on the tea machines. A colleague told me that its a Hindu tradition to give an offering to a book or a helpful machine on that day, to thank it for working for us. I didn't know what to say to that one...
Its great to be thankful for all of God's blessing, but offering flowers to the tea machine...

So, yeah, talk about cultural differences.

I had a great time at the leader's meeting and Mighty Men + Women meeting on Sunday. We are talking about vision and gifts. So, I'm rewriting my vision for my life and will make it into a neat little poster.
Heh, even put it here, so that you guys can pray about it.

I'm progressing in Hindi. Please keep on praying that I can have a strong command of this language and use this to further the Mission here.

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