Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stuff Happening, Unfolding

So, I have a temporary solution for my lodging that is well located. I visited a place that is better located, but will require long walks to get to the bus (~10-15 minutes). I'll take that one.

I visited a place this Sunday that was not bad... but highly illegal. Since I must report my address to the FRRO (aka the passport police), this was a very very very bad idea.

Other than that, life goes on... I am reading a little bit, I'm working, I'm involved in putting in place a Hindi class... the end result being that I don't enjoy myself too much these days. It'll get better, being finally settled will help a lot.
God willing, I'll be in my new environment on Sunday.

I got to speak to some brothers in Montreal too. My cellphone will cost me more than expected for these calls, since BPL has given me bad information about how much it cost. Nevertheless, those calls were enjoyed very much.

I need to surrender the situations I live to God more, so that I can have more joy... my life is more of a burden than anything else at this point. A lot of it comes from a) weak prayer life, but there is also b) lots of worries and c) a medication that may cause depression as side-effect.
If I still feel down after a few weeks, I know that c) has something to do with all this. But I'll work on a) and b) for the time being.

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