Friday, September 28, 2007

Less Work, More Work

There has been some good things and some less good things this week:

- On Tuesday, we had a day off because of the Ganesh celebrations. I'll be posting soon about this.
- This Thurday, we had the first Hindi class. I can almost sound like I really want to know how you're doing!
- This Friday, we had a family day at work, so I could chat and laugh a bit with my coworkers and their wives/kids.

There has been a schedule adjustment that relieves some pressure at work. Things went from "There is no way we can deliver" to "It'll be hard, but we'll make it". No need to ask for vacation on Monday (which would've given me a chance to have a 2 day retreat with brothers)...

I'll need to go to see a doctor this weekend, I keep on having cold symptoms.
I don't sleep well... dogs just got the habits of barking by my window at 2AM for the last 2 nights. I need earplugs.

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