Saturday, September 8, 2007

Got my +- breakdown

Was on the phone for more than one hour yesterday with my parents. I got my breakdown. She was glad that it took me a month this time around, compared with 2 days in Switzerland.

So, what's up?
-Things are not so bad at work. I am taking advantage of the java 1.5 concurrency package to make my life simpler
-I must leave my hotel soon, and I don't have a place to go. AIESEC has apartments, but they are mix genders. I am not ready to make this compromise. So I'm apartment hunting, but not very well, and in a last minute-ish manner. Thank God I have the church to help me do that. I won't say too much, about this, but let me just say that old buildings have the tendency to collapse around here...
-The commute to work in not too enjoyable. I try to pray and read by Bible through it. A bumpy road and traffic kill the enjoyment. But I really mean bumpy... even the Quebec roads are tame.
-I am making effort to spend more time with disciples, but to not much avail... looks like I need to be more agressive about this.

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