Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things Unclogging

Registration at FRRO: done
Employee number: finally got it
Bank account: done
Cellphone: got it!
Corporate ID Card: will nag for it
Corporate email: idem

Seriously, things are slow. I spend my day reading some policies, etc. I'm waiting for my allocation, and I have a huge checklist of things to do, and the HR people have too much things to do anyway, so its a time of self-directed study.

I did not go hiking in the end, it got canceled. A brother got me to a shopping mall (Hiranandani Mall) and I bought my cellphone at the D-Mart. That's the big thing. I can communicate now!!!

I met some brothers today who advised me on evangelism. There is a big risk I run in trouble if I preach or do cold contact. So be it. Nevertheless, I'm still a disciple. That means "team effort"... I'm going to have to let the others do Bible studies and so on... my role is to bring people in. So shall it be.

Keep me in your prayers. I try to pray as much as I can in the bus, and I do get Bible reading done, to a certain extent, but no real quiet time. I'm going to set my alarm clock earlier. God willing, it'll work out this time.

The big things for me is that I bought some food at a local grocery store, and that I took the bus to Sakinaha, then the rickshaw, which a) saves some money, but more importantly b) give me some feeling of independence. And that is a very good feeling to have, knowing that you are not at the mercy of some illiterate driver or the hotel staff for your basic needs. The honeymoon phase of culture shock didn't really happen to me, and I'm in a hurry to feel comfortable around here!

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