Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Now Working Somewhere Else

So, I've been assigned to an office in Thane, to work on a large telecom project. There is a corporate bus that facilitates transportation, and it is a lot less full than the city's. The site is very nice, with ACed newer buildings, plants, etc.

Still, transportation is a pain. The morning ride is OK, the return one is another story. There is TRAFFIC in Powai like you wouldn't believe it. It feels like it'd be faster walking, but it is still faster than walking. I'm trying to learn which stop to take and which city bus to take from there, so that I don't waste too much money on rickshaws.
I had midweek and Sunday services in a house church. We stayed and sung songs with a guitar after. Then I was invited to lunch by the hosting couple. Later, I spoke with a brother and asked him to be my discipling partner.
Things are still not 'in place' spiritually, but are improving. I invited someone to church this Sunday, and I had a Bible study today, thanks to circumstances beyond my control. God is really helping me put things in place.
Saturday, I spent a lot of time in Hiranandani. I bought 2 shirts and I failed to get my laundry done: the place refused to take more laundry orders... come back next week they say! I went to Mocha, a coffee shop with low-speed wireless internet. Better than nothing, I got to upload pictures. I also found a place that allows me to call to Canada for pretty cheap. I got to take a few apointments for Saturday in the early evening!

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