Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Indian Update

Letting you know what happened to me

Sunday: went to church, attended the leader's meeting, hung out with a brother. All was good.
Monday: first day of work, spent mostly registering at the Foreigners Regional Resitration Office. Got a cellphone SIM card, but not the cellphone (the store guy didn't know his phones)
Tuesday: second day of work, reading stuff in the HR training system (I'm so applying for six sigma certification! CISSP maybe, if I can) and getting the bank account done, then eating out with colleagues, forgot to buy the cellphone.
Wednesday: that is today, Independance Day. At 60, India has been independent longer than Canada (we're 25), and much longer than Quebec (we're at -X). I'm going out on a hike in New Bombay (Navi Mumbai) with brothers and sisters. Maybe a shopping mall will be done and I'll be able to do my shopping.

How do I feel? I'm not sure. The transportation have frustrated me. Rickshaw is expensive, since the apartment is far from everything, and that the buses pack up very quick. The train ride is the same in second class, and less bad in first class. I live far from work, so that's 4 hours of transportation a day. A very temporary arangement.

Besides the frustation, I try to remain humble... my forefathers could not have imagined their descendant seeing what I see.

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