Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stuff: moving, planning, fishing, etc.

Lots of things have happened, but nothing to write too much about.

We're having Sunday services in the park now, with a nice picnic afterwards. I'm enjoying it.
I spent 2 days with my parents in Magog. I fished with my dad and picked a black bass (Achigan, in French). I'll put the pictures online soon. We also took the Orford Express touristic train, but it wasn't really worth it for just the ride. Maybe that the option with the fancy meal is worth it. We ended up taking supper with disciples in Sherbrooke, before I went back to Montreal this Friday.
Fishing Trip with My Dad

Other than that, its just travel preparations and helping people move. There is some more of my stuff that is gone, lent to a brother. There was a miscommunication with a couple about when they'd come to pick my furniture, so I have to figure that one out.

No real progress on my side project for bringing stuff for the poor kids in India. Gotta nail that one down this week.
I've had to spend some time preparing for a conference in Moncton, where I'll fill in for my CSL colleagues, who can't attend. I've dictated some terms (i.e. travel by plane only), but I've remained flexible.

I'm reading The Prideful Soul's Guide to Humility, which is very challenging. I'm realizing the depth of my pride.

Also noteworthy is that I spent some time with a Protestant evangelist who's been bringing the Gospel in India to Hindus for about 15 years, and I learned a lot. God will use this knowledge to help me reach out to lost souls. The Gita, an small hindu text, clearly establishes that deeds won't save anyone, and that there is only one God. That will be very useful in the ministry as a stepping stone towards Christ.

Keep me in your prayers so that I can be peaceful, humble and truly consecrated.

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