Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Purchases, Surprises, Travels

I'm writing from Moncton, New Brunswick. I had a great bowl of pasta and sea food yesterday. I'm presenting a paper at a conference here, a bit more than a week before The Big Trip... insane.

It is some kind of vacation in my "vacation" time before leaving. As you know, its not been relaxing too much. I'll try to take it easy, and do lots of reading (which I just LOVE).

I had a good surprise this week. A brother called me telling me that he could pick up my furniture and get it to where it needed to go! That took care of one of my big worries.
I did some nagging, and I got the cheque that I needed signed, so I was able to mail the application to the AIESEC Adapt bursary. God willing, I'll have it! Up to 80% of my airfare in exchange of some volunteer work and presentations about Canada (which I was hoping of doing anyway...)
I saw the Shermer-Jacoby debate DVD and was left wanting. Jacoby did a good job, but didn't really hammer it down well. When it finished, I was surprised. That's it? That's it? Its not a bad DVD, but don't go out of your way to watch it.
Sunday's service was... interesting. A brother hijacked the service to introduce a brother who hasn't been attending in a long time. He had this long letter calling out sins in the evangelist. That wasn't a happy moment, especially with the language used. But there are good side to this. A brother rose and took upon himself to investigate the matter in an impartial way. Then, our evangelist still went up front and did his message, without a word or a reference to what had happened. That's self-control!!
I'm feeling very encouraged by sisters in Toronto. They called me with very kind words, and sent me a few words of encouragement (with a very fancy card) that made me teary-eyed for a moment. That's one of the best things about God's kingdom!
Going back to my trip preparation, I've emailed people from my the church in Mumbai. Plan B is kicking in high gear, since I'm not relying on the AIESEC people too much right now. Brothers will write back within a day to let you know they're working on it, AISEC people will... write back... at some point. I'm not bitter, but being factual. I'm less than 2 weeks away, so I have to go for what works, no matter how someone may feel about it.
I'm confident that God will work it out, but I'm still stressed about that. I need more prayer.

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