Thursday, May 24, 2007

ps to emf howto

So, I'm working on my thesis presentation powerpoint. Putting a screenshot of my graphs (generated by udg) is not a great option when you resize.

The conversion from ps look ugly in powerpoint too, so that's not a winner.

BUT, there is something to be done.

Here' how I'm doing it:
1- Use ps2pdf to convert the file to pdf format
2- Use PDFFly to convert to SVG
3- Use a text editor to remove the text and line at the bottom (easily distinguised by the fact that they are text boxes of one character, preceded by a bunch of polyline)
4- Double-check in IE that it looks good (Firefox's rendering is flawed on that one. Oh, and you need Adobe's SVG Plugin)
5- Open in Vision, and save as emf
6- Put the emf file in powerpoint. That's it!

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