Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quick Summary

Hello folks,

things are hectic for me... I'm wrapping up my thesis to submit to my supervisor this week.

I spent the Easter weekend with my parents. I skied with my dad too. That was cool!
I had 2 more conference papers accepted, one of which is a Springer one!
As of now, my thesis has 125 pages of paper (-11 of introductory material).
My time was mostly spent on my thesis these days. Not many phone calls, no dates, no nothing, or almost. Since I don't work on Sundays, I spent the chance to be with an old friend (since 1st grade). He's a certified chef, so the meal was a pretty good one!!!

My birthday party was a bit devoid of people. I was disappointed by that, but enjoyed every single person who came. My parents paid for my MTP books and someone gave me all the chronicles of Narnia! I have a travelbook for India too, so things are under way.

I got myself starting the vaccination process, and its EXPENSIVE!!! Oh boy! I didn't see that one coming. God willing, I'll have enough money left to go to Beachstock and/or MTP. If not, oh well, so be it.

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