Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Skulls and Bones: Bush and Kerry in an idolatrous secret society?

I found this piece interesting. I generally trust MSNBC, but I gather that this is based on not that much evidence, so I would keep reservations... anybody knows more about this?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quick Summary

Hello folks,

things are hectic for me... I'm wrapping up my thesis to submit to my supervisor this week.

I spent the Easter weekend with my parents. I skied with my dad too. That was cool!
I had 2 more conference papers accepted, one of which is a Springer one!
As of now, my thesis has 125 pages of paper (-11 of introductory material).
My time was mostly spent on my thesis these days. Not many phone calls, no dates, no nothing, or almost. Since I don't work on Sundays, I spent the chance to be with an old friend (since 1st grade). He's a certified chef, so the meal was a pretty good one!!!

My birthday party was a bit devoid of people. I was disappointed by that, but enjoyed every single person who came. My parents paid for my MTP books and someone gave me all the chronicles of Narnia! I have a travelbook for India too, so things are under way.

I got myself starting the vaccination process, and its EXPENSIVE!!! Oh boy! I didn't see that one coming. God willing, I'll have enough money left to go to Beachstock and/or MTP. If not, oh well, so be it.