Friday, February 9, 2007

Quick Progress Report

Hello folks!

Things have been busy recently. Lots and lots of papers to write!
Also, there is some action in my ministry, so I'm not idle.

We're wrapping 3 papers (2 conferences, 1 journal) for publication, so that's work in itself.
Then, I got two papers accepted, so that's more work (although good news).
I might go to France on March 26th to present one of those papers.
I watched the SuperBowl with other disciples and didn't like the game too much. The bears messed up big time.
I watched Art School Confidential, which I think was a waste of time and money.
I ordered some books for my geekness and spiritual health.
My ministry is doing well. We should have a baptism this weekend. I had a Bible study with 3 guys last Wednesday.
I got to the point of surrendering the idea of a lucrative career in my field, but I'm not 100% emotionally surrendered yet.
That's it in short.
Current non-Bible reading: The One Who Knows God, edited by Scroll Publishing from works by Clement of Alexandria.

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