Monday, February 26, 2007

Lots of Weekends to Blog About


-AIESEC Conference
-Seattle experience
-Camp Blanc

(p.s. at work, I'm just writing papers these days...)

So, a few weekends ago, I was at an AIESEC Québec-Ontario conference. The hotel room was nice, but I found little enjoyment there. Actually, I was missing my church a lot. How can I say it better? If only the "Christians" were half as sold to their faith as the AIESECers are to their organization, then there would be peace in the world, no poverty and no hunger. Anyway, it was an experience I wasn't eager to join it too quickly... a bit too infantile for my tastes at some points.
On that Sunday, though, I was glad! We had a baptism at church! Our wonderful new sister in the faith was born. And I HUGGED HER very very very much!
The other week back, I was in Seattle for an interview with Microsoft. I managed to stretch the travel to spend the weekend there. The trip to Seattle was horribly delayed in every which way, that makes me want to avoid American Airlines as much as I possibly can for the rest of my life. I was welcomed by the disciples there. I had the chance to ski one afternoon (spring conditions, oh well), hang out with the Campus ministry there on Sunday (even attended the leaders' meeting... oh boy is there some action there!!!). On Monday, I studied, moved to my hotel room and studied some more. On Tuesday was my day full of interviews. Things went good enough, but not perfect. I forgot about updating pointers in a parent node after deleting a child. I wasn't sure of the best way to serialize a N-ary tree for network transmission... those two questions hurt. On Wednesday, it was a day full of travelling to Montreal.
On this weekend, I went with my church to a camp outside of Montreal to do winter sports for a full weekend. That did good. My snowshoes got some real action! Too bad I didn't sleep well for one of the nights, the whole experience would've been awesome then!

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