Saturday, January 6, 2007

The "Vacation" Itself

I was with my parents for the 1st week, and in Montreal the second.

I mostly was recovering for the first week, and doing ministry-related stuff the other.

I did ski once with my dad. The rest of the time I shopped (boxing day sales... and yes, I shop something like once or twice a year), slept and recovered from some back pain. I'm thinking of getting one of those "tens" devices prescribed by my doctor. I watched lots of TV. I ate way too much. I was very worldly overall. And that didn't really give me the energy I needed.
The second week, things got interesting. I have been invited by a big software company to have an interview at their corporate site in the USA and I spent time brushing up my resumé and taking care of the logistics of that. I spent some time planning for the campus ministry activities this semester. I did follow-up with some folks to see where they're at.
Some interesting things happened: a sister from Bangalore is visiting us, and my evangelist told me that we'd focus to support the Indian mission in Bangalore. So... I'm taking advantage of her insider knowledge!
Also, I had the chance to witness a miracle. My uncle seriously upset my mom a day before they had to leave to travel together, and our new year's party was over before it started. Prayer was effective, and God used me to help them see the issue. After a few minutes of observations from me, they were working it out by themselves without any help. And things turned well. They were laughing about it and we ended up having a good evening too. That's really awesome!
If you know me, you know that I'm not supposed to have the skills of a counselor. Give credit to the Spirit.
Anyway, my week passed by too quickly, and I didn't do some of the important things I wanted to do. I did take care of some issues, but this is annoying.
Oh, and I'm 3 years in the faith now. My birthday was on the 4th. I'm having a mini celebration this Sunday with the Campus group.

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