Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Through a Tough Two Weeks

We had to wrap up 3 academic papers last Friday (Dec 1st). That's fine and dandy...

Only that I had to wrap up my apologetic conference for the church too...
So, it was a rough two weeks, but I pulled through.

I had the chance of presenting before ~20ish people what was titled "La bouffonnerie chrétienne", essentially how Christianity went from religion to a politicized thing. I also compared how religion has been controlling people, and how its just imitating the rest of society.
After an historical interlude, we looked at the faith of the early christians and it was question period.
I did more than my allocated hour, and I slashed stuff a LOT... I don't know what to cut if I want to stay in the time next time I do it. Oh well.
Thanks to those who prayed for the success. Things went well, and I wasn't as arrogant as when I did the Da Vinci Code, thanks to faithful prayer partners before the event.

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