Thursday, December 14, 2006

Theology Break

Last Friday, I taught on dualism at the CCF meeting (see my entry on Theothoughts). After that, I pretty much resolved a break from theory until January. Oh, and starting to enjoy myself a bit more.

So, on Saturday, we had a double-date to welcome a couple who was gone for weeks in Africa. They brought us Superman Returns, which I enjoyed watching for its pure entertainment value.
On Sunday, we had the Christmas banquet in Chambly, in a restaurant called Fourquet Fourchette... the food was great. I was wearing a traditional ceinture fléchée over my suit too! We had some good clean fun, dancing, and I was so exhausted I crashed in my bed by 9PM.
On Monday, I did volunteer work. The Richardson Centre was welcoming the German Choir. They sang for us Christmas songs that (for a change) did not annoy me to the nth degree. Then they served German treats to the residents (and volunteers).
On that day, we also started working on another research idea and I was getting pretty annoyed, reading compiler theory books that bored me out of tears.
On Tuesday, I continued that line of research reading graph theory books that increased my (already adamant) determination NOT to do a Ph. D.
But, I then asked some advice to a colleague in the lab who had a lot of experience with graphs and he just gave me an algorithm that solved one of my problems. Then, we discussed and defined a second one that solved the other problem. Now, that's something I love! So, my research is going well for a change.
I arrived home and cooked some stuff. A vegan lasagna and some pot-pourri of whatever was in the fridge, to which I added chick peas, shrimp and other stuff like that. That got me to bed late, but at least I'm eating better than pizza all week long.
On Wednesday, I had a good d-time with my evangelist. I guess that a baloon burst, and I let him know about many of the challenges I am living, but was in a kinda denial about. One unresolved conflict, some attitudes, some women issues, stress, you name it! He was glad to see I was at a crossroad where I could choose to be changed drastically by God, and that I was seeing the issues by myself. I told him of my decision to take it easy in the holidays and to do no theology until January. I'll focus on psychology and Christian living books (WHAT? you expected me to stop reading???).
In the end of the afternoon, I went back to the Richardson Centre for a volunteer's dinner where I enjoyed some food, some talk and then went to church. The message on evangelism was inspiring, and I got myself a book from Clement of Alexandria, The One Who Knows God, which I started devouring. Oh yeah, its THAT good.

So, that's what's new in my life. I'm targeting finishing that paper by Friday, and maybe start another before I take vacation. I don't know if they'll be accepted, but we'll try it.

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