Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Vacation" with Family

Spent Saturday and Sunday in Québec city with my family.

But, my week was not void of action too. Papers and presentations, here we come!

On Wednesday, my supervisor told us to put aside all our current work to start working for a paper in an encyclopedia. So, I had to rush to the Concordia and McGill libraries, take books to widen our previous work a bit. So that was a bit of reading to do.
I still managed to invite people for Friday's apologetics presentation on archeology, which was interesting. There was a section on superstition that was interesting and that I never saw covered before. There were not too many people though :(
On Saturday morning, I used allo-stop and went to see my family. We saw the movie Babel, which is NOT disciple-friendly, but definitely interesting in the themes covered. Lack of maturity, lack of preparation to life, lack of communication, emptiness. I liked most of the Japanese girl, who's so void of love that she's on the verge of suicide. The role was well done to show her increasing despair. Its a great commentary on the shallowness of our society.
After, I spent time with my parents, ate supper, talked about their updated wills and mandate. I then worked a little bit on my presentation, filling in details such as dates and explanations of theologies. Went to bed at midnight, was woken up by the cat feeding at 4:30... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Church was good. The teaching was on the Holy Spirit! I loved it! Then, I ate and prayed for all afternoon with 3 brothers. Then, final meal with parents, and back I went.
Now, I'm back in paper-writing. Yay!

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