Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Bluetooth Works!

I purchased a Motorolla H 700 on Ebay... it was a good deal overall.

I was struggling to use it on my PC however. When I connected, it was doing some annoying noise and the voice was not carrying through. I read Skype forum posts, googled... nothing!

Today, I tried another Google search, found back an old article I read already, then bothered looking at the user comments. I saw this thing about pressing the button after connecting by the PC. It wasn't for my model, but I tried it anyway... and it worked!

I'm now able to use my headset on Skype without using Vitaero, and record voice. The latter is actually the reason why I got the device in the first place, as I want to record sermons and put them on the web.

Two words for the non-techies: Happy Geek.

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