Monday, October 2, 2006

About to Break Down

Don't freak out just yet. There are good things happening in my life.

This Sunday, the church paid a bus to get us to Sherbrooke. We have a couple there trying to save a few souls, and they need encouragement every now and then. There, I meet someone I met in Switzerland and with whom I did that Vezelay experience.

Also, a workplace relationship has improved from fighty to understanding, so that's great!

I have a patched up frienship. The sister acted in a way that made me feel tossed out and we had a chance to explain each other and bring forgiveness in the equation. It still has a negative impact, but there is no beef anymore.

I feel I'm out of sleep, out of energy, and overly challenged in everything... school (not much getting done), ministry (same thing), household chores (roomates complaining that I don't clean up the place enough), contract (no action in the last 2 weeks), etc. They got down on me real hard at our household meeting yesterday. I hate cleaning. I'm not good a it, it takes time, and it doesn't look that much cleaner when I'm done with it. And I don't want to change, I want to have enough money to afford a maid to take care of that for me. I don't like infrastructure work very much. It comes down from my solitary past when my apartment was where I slept, worked and ate and that was it. I wasn't LIVING there, per se, so why should I care about the non-functional attributes (say, cleanliness) when the functional attributes were there? And yes, I did clean... just not that often.
My roomates joke about it telling me they're getting me ready for my wife. Although they are right, it doesn't change the fact that I'd gladly offer my future wife a break from household chores by outsourcing the responsability outside of our couple.

I need prayers for discipline, organization, health.

I went to a career fair, submitted a few resumes, took a few cards, and we'll see about that later. The purpose was just to get myself in the HR systems of those companies so that things would be faster to find myself a job when I'm finishing my degree. I am debating doing the governments' tests, since their timing is just bad.

At school, I've had lots of problems compiling some code that was working fine a month from now. I changed the API I used for the hash table to something lighter that didn't cause me trouble but I still have problems with AspectC++.

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