Sunday, September 10, 2006

Vacation Report

Sorry for forgetting you.

That is what I did in my second week of vacation, after the fishing time.
There is not much to say, except that I did not rest all that much.

First, we saw a documentary about Cavalia, this circus show based on horses. This was really inspiring. In a sense, its the power of love... they decided to respect the horse and its personality, and worked around it, instead of whipping a behaviour into it.
On Wednesday, I got to Québec City by bike (not the full trip though) and I went with a brother to the midweek service there. It was inspiring. They were dealing on how their love for one another would get into work. I slept at that brother's place and, the next day, I went back by bike, the whole way this time!
I stopped in St Romuald and chatted with an old friend of mine, whom I lost track of for a while.
Then, it was back home. My calves were aching. Why? The brakes were too tight, so I was constantly braking lighty against my will. So that was a pretty good feeling to finally be home!
On Friday morning, it was time to get back to Montreal. I left at 12:00 using Allo Stop. The trip went well. I arrived home, got some more stuff in my bag, removed some, and left off for the Campus Ministry mini-retreat.
So, on this Friday evening, we have a good meal and a games night, followed by a movie, Glory Road, an inspiring movie about the racism that had to live a team of black basketball players, who eventually won the NCAA championship.
Then, we slept in the tents and another day came.
On Saturday morning, after a great breakfast, we all shared based on the message each prepared.
The theme was: Love, Growth, Evangelism, and I asked each person to prepare a 10-minute long message/sharing centered around a passage in the Pastoral Epistles. You guessed it, I'm the one who assigned the themes and passages. The result was really inspiring indeed. Especially about fleeing the desires of the youth and pursuing righteousness. During the lunchtime, we played mini golf, and we had a good lunch together. Afterwards, I tried to brainstorm and set things in place for the new semester, but everyone was too sleepy to be into it.
I wasn't happy about the ending: I had prepared a second message and I wanted the input really badly!
Overall good, but with not a great ending.
As of me, I was working on exhortation. This is an area of my personality that needs to grow, since I'm leading this group, and I need to address issues when they arise, instead of letting them linger and eventually explode.
Sunday and monday were focused on trying to get Linux to work on my laptop (Ubuntu's installer goes black during the install process... gggggggrrrrrrrr) and getting the HP printer to print in black only.
I've not been successful at the first, and only partially at the second. I don't like it when my beloved darling works against me. I love computers, its my field, and it feels really nasty... like a backstabbing.
Anyway, then it was time for school.

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