Sunday, September 10, 2006

Twisting Plans

So, I had my back-to-school time all figured out. Or so I thought.

School starts on Tuesday. The plan is simple: go to school, evangelize half an hour up to an hour every day, pick my bike from the repair, work hard on finishing a paper by Friday, have a blazing hot devotional on Friday, and there you go, we have a powerful start to the semester.
That's not what happened.
On Tuesday, I'm being told I have to go to the UK to present that paper. So I gotta book the flight and learn the bloody thing I'll have to defend. Then, I have to address a situation with a brother and he can't come to church at midweek, so I have to take apart time during the day for that. Then, I learn that most people booked prayer times during the time prepared for the devotional, forcing me to cancel it. We have a campus group Bible study time allotted on Saturday and only one person comes. It goes on and on. I did barely any useful work during the week, although I did evangelize a bit.
Its very frustrating to me. Not only all my plans were seriously messed up, but I also feel that my semester start just... sucked. Not the powerful, momentum-building colective experience I wanted to see...
I was told by my evangelist to focus on love in the group. That's what August was supposed to be for, and didn't happen. Now... will it work in September?
Prayers welcomed, both for my character, and the well-being of this ministry.
Speaking of prayer, I enjoyed the 48-hour prayer chain that we did as a church this weekend. It was great: we had a tent set, with a wall full of the congregation's pictures and prayer request. I prayed with a brother for a full hour and we were far from having prayed for everyone! It was a great experience, and I'll definitely keep on prayer for God's saints in Montreal.

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