Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pachelbel Goodness - Bach Boredom

I got another CD from the library: Pachelbel Canon & Gigue Chamber Works, by London Baroque. The label is harmonia mundi.

I really discovered Pachelbel's work (everyone knows his Canon) and I was well-pleased. Pachelbel is definitely under-exploited!!!
I loved this CD, although I have a good feeling that the performers pumped up the rythm big time.

Track 1. Partie 5 in G Major: the intro is already good! It has nice, fast movements inside
Track 2. Musicalische Ergötzung, Triosonaten, Part 1. It starts well.
Track 3. Musicalische Ergötzung, Triosonaten, Part 2. Nice violin in the first minute. I hear "glory to God" in the 2nd.
Track 7. Partie a 4 in F sharp minor. near 4th minute has a nice rythm that draw your attention.
Track 10. Canon & Gigue for 3 violons and a bass. although speedy, the canon is some sweet music.
One thing that was weird is how Musicalische Ergötzung was cut off by different other pieces.

I also got a CD of Bach played by Yo-Yo Ma, The 6 Unaccompanied Cello Suites. Hhmmm... Bach is still a good composer. Yo-Yo Ma is still a great celloist.
Its just that the tunes were... boring. I couldn't really enjoy them. Maybe at another time in my life.

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