Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Canadian Bike and British Plane

I learnt yesterday that I had to attend a conference in Oxford (yes, THE oxford) to present a paper of one of my teammates. So I rushed to make travel arrangements. In the end, It is cheaper to stay in the UK for a few more days than to leave immediately. That gives me a two days' break Ennglaand :)
I was mad on the spot when I learnt that. I really would stay in Montreal to evangelize more and take care of my ministry. I tried to convince my prof to go instead of me. I even offered to teach his lecture for him! Nothing worked. So, I decided I might as well enjoy the whole thing!

I got my bike back from Velomaniak, an under-advertised bike shop close to the corner of Ottawa and Murray (ok, not helpful... go see the map). They are cheap and friendly... and they know their thing. Its a major step up from Canadian Tire (yuck).

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