Monday, August 7, 2006

Lebanon + Bible + Friendship :)

I guess that's the best way to summarize my weekend.

I had two Bible studies scheduled during the weekend, but one guy was a no-show. The second study went quite well and I'm praying about it.

I spend the evening with a couple from the church. We ate in the park together, attempted to go to a free outdoors feature of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, but couldn't (just a way way way too long file). We then retreated to their place and watched Hidalgo together. Interesting movie for sure, and its hardly believable to be a real story.

On Sunday, I prepared a few passages so that I could get everybody involved in the upcoming campus camping weekend... to find out that MORE people were cancelling. So we'll be moving the event. Still, that was really annoying, and far from the 'may your yes be yes'. People who know me know that I don't like broken commitments.
I arrived late for the Kid's Class volunteers message, and then we had more kids than normal with less people than normal to deal with them. So, we adapted, and I can say that my babies kept me busy :)
Seriously, I'm starting to like them, although I'm not fluent in "baby-speak' just yet...

After, I went with a few other Christians to a march for peace in Lebanon. I read in the morning paper that 15 000 were in this march. I felt like I was a citizen!

Then, I got right on time for the leader's meeting and the following BBQ to celebrate the birthdays of two of our leaders. I helped with the cooking too, and I can safely say that I didn't loose my BBQing skills after all that time :)
Back home, I called a sister outside of Montreal while I was cleaning the bathroom... there is a virtue into turning a chore into pleasure :)

Other than that, my week has been pretty uneventful.
I am thinking of when I'll take vacation, and I'm not decided yet. I am feeling the need for it in an increasing measure.
My reading on Emotional Intelligence is really helping me be able to pick my emotions/moods better, and I think I'm getting a bit better at reading body language. I'm not at the point of be able to be emotionally detached in difficult situations yet, but it'll happen.
For those of you who wonder why I read that, there are two things:
a) a lot of the things associated with emotional intelligence related to godly character (think patience and self-control)
b) I was suggested to build those skills up before I start leading the campus ministry of my church in the fall. I see this as an opportunity to test myself on wheter or not I should pursue my dream of being a minister (eventually, at least), and I need those skills (and indestructible time management) so that my experience doesn't leave me burnt out and drained.
So, I guess I'm setting myself up for accelerated character growth, eh?

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