Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm on Vacation

My dear beloved readers... I'm sorry I did not blog that much recently. I was working hard at work trying to tie loose ends so that things wouldn't be too bad when I'd be gone in vacation, which is the state I'm in now.

Its really really good to be able to have a nap in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday when you feel like it!

What happened on the way to this blessed time?

Lets look at things from the reverse order...
Sunday was my last time taking care of the babies at church. I did the communion message for all the folks doing the babysitting. The rest of my time was dedicated to recovering (sleepwise). In the evening, I joined others at Rockaberry's to celebrate the upcoming departure of our campus ministry leader, a close friend of mine. I had a Toblerone pie... way too many calories for my own good.
Saturday, I started having a special time with God. I walked up the hill next door and let one worry after another on the side of the road (the pink flowers for love, that tree for my ministry, etc.). On top, I read a few chapters of Job, prayed only about God and my relationship with him. Going back, I started praying for all those things I let by. It was a good experience, one that I'll repeat for sure! I then attended a wedding of two members of the congregation, and then denied myself to have a mini date with sisters to a restaurant. I was too tired and too cash-strapped to really want to, but I felt it was the thing to do. I wanted to encourage that sister for so long. In the end, she's the one who did most of the encouraging!!! After, I went home, got some sleep, and then met my date for the wedding reception (actually, the latter part of the reception, I was not invited to the whole thing). We came in for desserts and the dancing and we had lots and lots of fun. There are rumours that say that I do, indeed, dance... don't be misled by such things ;)
On Wednesday, we had a brother coming for the US that preached a powerful message about prayer that shocked me deep. I felt I was trying to get all the benefits of a relationship with God without the most important part... being close to Him. My prayer and my repentance now is focused around that. Please join me in prayer.
Workwise, we did enough progress so that my coworkers will be able to work on two papers and get them mostly ready by the time I come back. I'll just have to put in a finishing touch before submission. Yay!
That's an OK summary. I hope this keeps you in context!

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