Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fishing Weekend

So... my vacation was about to really start.

Yes, I was off from work since Monday (with the exception of two critical meetings) and I spent it doing a lot and a lot of things. Biking, running some errands, catching up on some paperwork, trying to get the tax people happy etc. I had a full day dedicated to ministry-related things as well.

Didn't feel like a vacation, really.

That being said, I still had some fun. Notably, I watched The Count of Monte Cristo and Holst's Planets, a DVD done by the BBC. I love my library!

But, moving in for the fun part.

On Saturday morning, around 9:30 or so, my dad arrives from Québec City and picks me up. I barely had the time to pack.
We go up North, in Lakeview, for a family party. Thing is... we forgot to gas earlier in the travel and there isn't any gas station in sight... remember, we are NOT in a urban area... no cellphone coverage (at least not with my provider), one store per town, lots and lots of shacks by the lakes, and I doubt you'll have a high-speed internet connection anywhere over there. Its a different world... two hours of driving from you!
We got directions and managed to find a gas station. On the way there, in Montcalm, we saw a fire station with a library. The library part seeming smaller than my apartment. I was wondering if I had a personal library bigger than the entire town... although they must have a high book density in that little facility.
We got to the family party, with a full tank of gas, and enjoyed ourselves. In the evening, we went to settle ourselves at the Pourvoirie des Quatres Chênes, in Huberdeau. The chalet we used was comfy enough, although not super hot (actually better than expected).
Comes Sunday morning... it rains. I spend some time with God in prayer and reading my Bible. I have time because we're having a lot of rain. So, afterwards, my dad and I play cards for a while, we chat. I ask him a lot of questions about himself... kind of catching up with all the adolescence we kinda skipped.
The rain goes to drizzle and then stops, and we start preparing ourselves for fishing: put the boat on the lake, get the rods ready, dress up, etc. And then, the heavy rain comes back, and so we wait more.
Another accalmy comes, and we get on the water, from 11:00 to 16:00 or so. The rain had come back at that point. So we just enjoyed the feeling of peace and calm on the lake, letting our lines drag in the water as the electric motor was propelling us slowly, with a beep from the sonar every now and then. We ate supper, chatted some more, then we split, reading. I guess we blew our quota of words for the day or something.
In the end, I opent he TV and watch a show on Katrina by Découverte.
We both go to bed early, feeling tired.
Monday morning comes and we have sun! I take a prayer walk by the lake. At first, I see the vapour from the lake dancing in the sun. I hear no sound, almost. Then the birds start singing, and the mosquitos start liking me... so I finish my quiet time in the shack where I won't be eaten alive.
My dad didn't wait me and he was on the lake already. When I was ready to join him, he fetched me on the side and we continued until around 11:00 or so, as our battery was dying. It was a slow pack and lunch, chatting more. On the way back, I slept for a while, and worked through a conflictual relationship with a brother, found some Scriptures related to the situation, etc.
The overall experience was very good to me. I got to tune out for a few days from my techy world, tune in to nature (those who know me know how much I love that), get to know my dad a bit more, and have a moment where my brain is effectively on "pause".
Now, I'm at my parent's place... far from a lot of things worrying me, and fully planning to care as little about them as possible until I'm back on Friday :)

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