Monday, July 3, 2006

Saint Saëns Goodness

I got at the library a CD of the Symphony #3, Danse Macabre, an exerpt of Samsom and Dalia, and "Trois Rhapsodies sur des cantiques bretons". The works were performed by the Royal Stockholm Philarmonic Orchestra, conducted by James DePriest.

I can say that the Maestroso of Symphony #3 is breathtaking, and the Danse Macabre is great too. I enjoyed the rythm and explosion of sounds. My style.
The performing was good too, and I just enjoyed it.

I also took Händel's Solomon. I listened to it, but didn't put the attention needed to it. I recognized some things from the Messiah and Water Music. Like the Messiah, it needs to be really listened to. Maybe I'll take it again later, when I can consecreate more than 3 non-stop hours to listen to this.

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