Friday, July 14, 2006

Creativity and Butchery

Professionally, I had an interesting week. Health-wise, its a mixture of love and hate. Spiritually, let me smile.

We had two lectures from a visiting scholar. One was on time management, and one was on software watermarking
We spent some time working on our theoritical language, and things went the way I expected with my supervisor: simple, elegant, but very hard to implement. Our previous work was the reverse, although I fully expected things to turn this way and supported it to a certain extent. We also started working on the camera-ready version of that paper we need to submit Monday. It turns out that we used the wrong template to compile the document... and that with the needed template, we ended up with 6 pages, whereas we were accepted for 4.
And the butchering began... its not the first time I have to do it, and this is getting annoying. There are limits to what you can chop off when things are already quite compact, but you need to go somehow beyond that. Anyway... enough complaining, I have another publication. Maybe I'll even go to Markham to present it.
I am satisfied with my level of productivity. Things went well and I had a lot of focus.
I started physio. I have to do exercises. First with the rubber band, and now about equilibrium. I have some stretches to do. The therapist was surprised to see me on one of those. She told me I was one of the least flexible cases she saw on that particular stretch... that means that my knee is much more messed up than I thought it was.
Anyway... I don't like the process, but I have to go through it.
So, what was so great spiritually? I prepared a strong exhortation for the brothers' midweek, reminding about the spiritual warfare and the need to be a band of warrior-brothers. I gave pratical challenges for the next 2 weeks: 1 d-time , prayer time, and evangelization time with another brother at least, for each week. I finally made a follow-up phone call (after being lazy about it) and I'll meet the guy for a study on Monday. Guuuuuuuuuuuuut!
I also prepared a super-time for sisters coming in town from Albany, NY.

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