Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Crazy Adventure

So... I thought I had my evening plan set yesterday... I was wrong.

A brother calls me and tells me there's a guy who'd do a Bible study NOW. And it seems that any other moment was not much of an option. After telling him that I had plans, I told him to call me back if noone could join him. It looks like I was his only man.

So, in a flash, I cancelled my previous engagement and hopped in the metro to go to a place of Montreal I wouldn't spend that much time on normally. The guy walked us to his place and we studied until 23:45. The direct metro line was closed at that point. :'( So, we walked to another metro station (much longer route for me on the Orange line) and I got home past 00:30. Yay for my unstable sleep :(

Anyway, I'm kind of proud of an insane adventure like that. This is the kind of stuff that should happen in a disciple's life every now and then!

Now, we just need to pray for him to take the decision to convert.

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