Monday, July 17, 2006

Challenge in Surrender

How to put it?
There were sisters coming from the US, and I took care of them. Why was it challenging? Because nothing worked according to my plans! Then, there were communication issues that made me wait a lot, and walk a lot more than expected (remember the sprained ankle) and a few more things I'm not putting there (lets just say they don't give me a good image). So yeah, you can say that I was more of a control freak than a godly surrendered man.
As a sidenote, I enjoyed when one sister gave me advil!
Anyway, we visited the Old Montreal, a bit of the Quartier Latin and Village, fireworks, Mount Royal, etc. We ate at the 3 brasseurs and this is a good place to go eat if you have a bit of money.

Also, the heat worsened my sleep, so I ended up being overly tired on everything. We had a good service on Sunday, but I can testify that I had no desire but to sleep afterwards ;) (buuuuut, that's due to the heat... not the sermon).

As of today, we finished the paper and submitted it. I was supposed to have a Bible study this morning, but the guy was a no-show... but that was cool, as a guy started talking to us. He was resistant to have the Bible as the supreme authority of his life, and we parted peacefully. Now, I'm moving on to read some work done by the ISO.

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