Saturday, June 17, 2006

What Was Christianity?

I presented a conference yesterday at Concordia titled "What was Christianity? Did the Da Vinci Code Expose True Christianity?"

The presentation was a very small subset of the contents of this document I wrote and that I'm publishing on TheoThoughts.

Go get it!

It is the fruit of many many hours of reading and redaction. I got the last bus more than once this week in the process of finalizing it.
The presentation went smoothly. Too smoothly even... things were going out of my mouth with so much ease it was scary. However, I was told by a brother that I did sound arrogant. I guess that the sudden eloquence did not come alone... still, where did that thing come from? Was it God blessing me? Was it an expression of pride that doesn't show up under normal circumstances? Both?

Anyway, I had the chance to put in practice some of the gifts I was given. This is also a prayer answered, as "a public lecture" was on the list I made in January!
Its possible that we'll redo it on another campus. We'll see. :)

There won't be much more to say about my week... I more or less breathed for that thing.

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