Monday, June 5, 2006

Reading and Writing Week

So, I finished my reading of the Da Vinci Code. I started reading Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up with great convicting joy.

Now, I have to pull together my references and write the contents of my upcoming presentation. The editorial cut will be very tight because there's just too much material.

I submitted two papers for an IBM conference near Toronto. Lets just pray for their acceptance. There has been quite a last minute rush over those.

This Saturday, I spent some time with a brother from Québec City and it was good to update on each other's life. In the evening, it was a friend's birthday party that we celebrated in an Ethiopian restaurant. Its nice to eat with your hands every now and then!
On Sunday, we had the baptism of a brand new sister! I was so joyful. I prayed for her for months and months and months. I had the chance to build a relationship and to make a few contributions on her path (as mr know-it-all :P ) and I rushed out of kid's class (I was excused, don't worry) to see the baptism. And yes, I hugged her very very very much. :)

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