Sunday, June 11, 2006


I'm feeling overwhelmed.

The conference on the Da Vinci Code that I'm presenting is next Friday. I had quite a bit of stress related to getting the room, mostly because of a slow communication link (email) with my sponsor for the room. Now, it is booked, but there is an issue outstanding.

Other than that...

I'll put work aside... its been special this week.
On Monday, besides work, I go spend time with the elderly in that retirement hospital (best translation I could guess). We had fun. We were in the outside garden this time around. The guy playing the piano had his hat land on the roof that covers the meeting place of the garden... and I'm the one who had to go get it. Oh, and I also tripped over the power cord of his keyboard. DOH! Anyway, the evening went smoothly.
Once that was done, I helped my brand new sister (she was baptized the sunday just before! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!) with her French and her knowledge of Canadian history. After that, I had to update my finances tracking so that we could settle the accounts between roomates. My bed welcomed me.
Tuesday was the same as usual. I helped my roomate with his computer problems. That was a shock surgery. We took his case from his old computer and that's pretty much it! We replaced the motherboard and the power supply. The difficult thing was to get the two CD and DVD players connected because of their master/slave configuration (fun cable twisting). I had to spend quite a bit of time debugging the hardware, but it is (mostly) done. Windows is not booting (not a surprise... you move from a Pentium 4 board to an AMD Athlon XP board... there's probably just the bytecode that is compatible with what was before). I had the chance to test quickly the Helix Forensic CD and I enjoyed it. Its fast and it has just the right tools to do imaging and detection.
In parallel of all that, I finished reading Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up, 3rd edition, which I loved tremendously! Granted, the author has a view of the early chuch father that is a bit high. Still, its been doing good to my soul. The interesting thing is that it comes from an evangelical author. He gave the the taste to read the texts of the early christians myself.
On Thursday, I helped a sister move to her new apartment.
Friday, we had a time watching movies with the campus group at church. We had the pleasure of watching Mr. Deeds, followed by Motorcycle Diaries. The first one whas a typical funny adam sandler movie, full of fully expectable plot twists and american ending. The second one was a jewel. We see the young Che Guevara who decides to put aside his last semester in med school to travel from Argentina to Venezuela with a biochemist friend. Their motorcycle ends up breaking down and they finish the trip by foot. In their journey, they meet a lot of misery, especially form the natives of South America who were expelled from their land. The contrast between the two characters (at least at first) is impressive: the young che is an example of faithfulness to his beloved and of honesty, and Alberto Granado is the example of lying and lusting. They spend time in a Leprosy camp too. A truly inspiring journey.
On Saturday, I finished fixing my bike. I had to change the tires, take care of some rust, get myself a new lock for it, etc. Now it is fully done and ready to be used. Now that it stopped raining, I should be able to go to school on Monday using it.
In the evening, I had a date with my brand-new sister and a dating couple of the church. They treated us with wonderful fish and potatoes, followed by some games that made us laugh a bit. Then, we watched Batman Begins. I liked the character development, which is much more developped that in many American movies I see. I relate to the young Bruce Wayne, who can't feel his shame because of his anger... I know that I have still much work to do to understand my emotions after years of repressive habits BUT! I promise that I won't be inhaling an opiate with some ninjas to help me deal with that! :)
This Sunday, I delivered a message on the communion at church. I was talking that the communion/eucharist/Lord's supper brings us closer to God by the dual combination of the product and the process. I'll try posting my message notes on TheoThoughts. I had a study with a guy who decided to be baptized next Sunday. I'm excited. This is a prayer answered! I also worked (and will be working) on my Da Vinci Code document today.
Here's a quote from one of our brothers, Ignatius, considered to be a disciple of John:
"My lust hath been crucified, and there is no fire of material longing in me, but only water living +and speaking+ in me, saying within me, Come to the Father.
I have no delight in the food of corruption or in the delights of this life. I desire the bread of God, which is the flesh of Christ who was of the seed of David; and for a draught I desire His blood, which is love incorruptible."
(Ignatius to the Romans 7:2-3. I got it from

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