Monday, May 8, 2006

Transition, Preparation, Determination

So, I am typing this blog entry while waiting for a presentation to start.
The topic isn't that interesting to me, but I'm giving it a shot :)

I'm trying to recap my week with the best and the worst for you, my dear readers :D

On Wednesday, we had a Bible talk back, after I stopped during the exams (I was just sharing my faith, not organizing Bible talks). At mid-week, I got to see again the presentation on evolutionary creationism. Its always good to have a refresher. I also exhorted the congregation to start reading again and share about their reading. We had a leader's meeting and I was encouraged to see studies emerging one more!
On Thursday, I had a lab meeting in the morning and my supervisor told me to come up with a better template for the presentation. I'm really becoming a part-time graphics designer! I did some fine-tuning of the presentation, but mostly focused on the template.
On Friday, I had a pretty normal day at work, for the part I was at work. I bought my bus ticket and got a few books at the National Library.
At 5 I went to a Bible study with a nice Chinese guy who was really open. He joined us as we went to pray on top of Mont Royal with the Campus group.
I also prepped my presentation and did a mock presentation in the lab. I have to be careful with time, but things should go well.
On Saturday, I woke up early to pack my luggage, have a D-time with a brother and a study with a nice Iranian guy. He didn't swallow too much the idea that Jesus was God. I had to leave in the middle of the study to catch my bus to Ottawa.
The bus trip went smoothly and I was welcomed in Ottawa by a sister and a brother, who took me to a BBQ organized by the pastor of the church here in Ottawa. I spent a bit of time with the singles at the BBQ, as the marrieds somehow split between men and women and weren't inspiring me very much (somehow talking a lot about fences...) I did an effort to break this "segregation" though ;)
In the evening, I spent time with a brother who was hosting me and we talked about our different challenges. Then, to bed I got!
On Sunday, I woke up early and kept on reading a book on the real history behind the Da Vinci code. Then I read my Bible aloud for a brother and we ended up being a few sharing about our struggles related to the passage we read. Then, it was a prayer walk before leaving to the church service.
The message was inspiring, talking about the parable of the Talents... highlighting how much a talent would be worth for us today (~1.2M$) and how our view of God affected our desire to take the risk to make our talents fruitful.
Afterwards, I took a few appointments to share my faith and so on, then went to a nice dinner in the Royal Thai restaurant. Expensive but good.
I then registered at the conference and checked in the hotel. I read a bit of the activities organized, relaxed, slept, read more, and finally attended a cocktail with a colleague. There, I met a nice guy who is well versed in both computing and theology as well. Something tells me that we will be talking much more during this conference.
My night was not really good, but it did give me the opportunity to finish reading my Da Vinci history book.
So, I end up underslept yet optimistic about my day to come today, Monday.

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