Monday, May 15, 2006

Sneezy time

So, I imported a cold from Ontario... yay

I did some work on Friday, but not high productivity. I did call my folks to wish them a happy birthday (dad) and a happy Mothers' day (mom)

On Saturday, I mostly rested. I watched 2 old kung fu movies with a few friends and was on the phone with a sister from the US. But that's pretty much it.

On Sunday, I went to church early for taking care of the babies and was quickly dismissed because I was sick. Afterwards, I ate out and we had a Bible study. I rested a bit home, then had 'family night' with my roomates where we essentially ate together and shared about our families.
Afterwards, I got to the bus station to fetch a friend coming back from the US and get her safely to her place. That had a few delays, especially since the person who was to welcome her there was not there as agreed upon. Yay for bad logistics.

On this Monday, I woke up super early and got to work late (yay for cold), but managed to get a little bit of work done. I met my supervisor who gave us a direction to work on with results for tomorrow.
I shared my faith with some brothers at lunch, and I purchased 'Advent Children' that I told you about... I'll have to wait a little bit before watching it, but that's OK with me ;)

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