Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Inspiration, Inspiration

I had a great weekend, but not a great week beforehand.

Let me share...

So, we submit the documentation for final course project on Monday, and that was a marathon in itself.
Then, I learn that a paper I worked many hours on was rejected. Then I work a lot on that paper... you know that stuff.
I told you also about the inspiring message at the leaders' meeting and the morning of prayer.
For Saturday evening, I spend time with a sister for two concerts at McGill:
At first, we had the final Bachelor's concert of Alexandrine Brachaud who sang:
- Misera, dove son! ... Ah! non son io che parlo, K.369 (Mozart)
- L'invitation au voyage, Phidylé and La vie antérieure (Henri Duparc)
- Indian Summer - Blue (Jake Heggie)
- Benedetto sia' l giorno (Liszt)
- Tres Sonetos (Turnia)
The performance was good, even though less than announced. She had a powerful crescendo.
Once this was done, we rushed for a harpsichord concert by John Austin Clark, doing one of his Master's concerts. On the line-up we had:
- Passacaille en sol mineur (Couperin)
- Praeludium un Fuga in B moll, BWV 866 (J.S. Bach)
- Sonata K. 24, K. 25, K. 479 (Scarlatti)
- Französische Suite Nr. V in G, BWV 816 (J.S. Bach)
This guy was solid! He played tunes that were of super high tempo with ease. There is only one thing that I could hear a fault in (bourée of the Französische Suite) and that fault was arguable (I felt he didn't hammer one note strong enough). I gotta check to see if he has more concerts coming!
Now, on Sunday, we have a good message based on the cleansing of the Temple. Conclusion: we need to be men and women of prayer, and to be known for our zeal for God.
Afterwards, I decide to fill in for a guy to do the collection counting. But before we do that, we are being treated to a nice picnic in the park, under a very nice sun. So nice indeed that I'm afraid that this day will alone contribute to a skin cancer in a few years. ;)
So, we do the collection, spend some time with 2 couples of the church, then move to have a 'family night', which is centered around... Hockey.
And yes, the Canadiens lost. I don't care for sports normally, but I do when everyone is hyped about it (read: playoffs and olympics). Afterwards we settled the amounts owed for each roomate and are getting our collective finances back in order.
Now, on Monday, I'm under motivated... I had to redo my federal tax form to submit it online, because the phone option wouldn't allow me to. Anyway, once that was done, I got to work and kinda got my presentation started. I somehow couldn't figure what to talk about and how long for each, etc.
I get a phone call telling me that they have to cancel the volunteering that I normally do that night... so I go to a conference organized at UQAM. Pierre Maisonneuve (known SRC journalist), Bernard Landry (former PM of Québec) and Loco Locass (a politically engaged rap band). They spoke at some point of the return of ethics, of the need to dream, of hopelessness in the youth, etc. During question period, I could not refrain from asking them to comment on a growing spiritual need in the youth.
I'm proud I got THOSE guys to talk spirituality.
The only thing is that they don't get it... spirituality does not equal morality or ethics, and that's how they see it.
Nevertheless, this is, I hope, a small seed planted in their lives.

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