Friday, May 12, 2006

Back from Ottawa

I guess this will be a recap of the conference I attended in Ottawa as well as other side activities I had.

Overall, it was a great experience. I really enjoyed and I'm confident that I had a positive impact there.

So, on Monday there are some presentations I attend. In the evening, I go to the banquet organized by the conference at the Museum of Civilizations, which was a 100$ banquet (included in the conference fees for me). I met an interesting woman from Calgary and chatted for most of the evening. I was happy to see she wasn't giving up on God despite some very bad experiences in churchianity.
On Tuesday, I attend some presentations in the morning, then spend my afternoon in a park reading something I had to read for work... might as well make it enjoyable! In the evening, I met a brother at the Rideau Centre and we evangelized an hour or so, then went to eat at Tucker's Marketplace. I invited the waitress to church and thought I was trying to pick her up! Oh well... I guess I'll see that kind of confusion happen more than once in my life.
On Wednesday, I packed all my stuff, got breakfast, saw some presentations in my track. In the afternoon, I chatted with a guy of the Orthodox church who's one of the most reasoned about his faith I had the chance to meet so far. In the end, it was my turn to present my paper. We had some flexibility in the time, and I took a few more minutes to introduce the topic than planned, and everything went smoothly. People were asking questions about what patterns could do for them, mostly.
In the evening, I had a quick date with a sister, then joined the brothers for midweek. They discussed about their reading of the book 'Wild at Heart' and then watched Hockey. I did little watching, I mostly discussed with a brother about how things were in Montreal.
On Thursday, I took my sweet time in the morning, went downtown and bought myself a pair of sandals (I just needed to make this purchase at that point) and then I waited for my old boss of long ago at a pub called Father and Sons, which I don't reccomend (2$ for a small very factory-like orange juice...). Him and I chatted and updated each other on our lives in the last 4 years or so. Afterwards I visited the Maison Laurier, which housed 2 Prime Ministers in the past. It was a nice visit, but I wouldn't put it high on your list of museums to go see in Ottawa if I were you.

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