Saturday, April 8, 2006

Things Done This Week Outside of Studying

As a sidenote, my exam went OK yesterday. There were a few questions I had no answer to, since I did not memorize all the Common Criteria acronyms.
Otherwise, it went well on the rest of the questions.

Worthy to mention: I signed my union card for our union-to-be for research assistants. I hope enough people join in.

I had a Bible study with a Chinese guy on tuesday. I'm praying for him.

I had a date with a sister and saw the movie Memoirs of a Geisha with her. Some of the scenes were breathtaking in visual quality. Its impressive how the system was designed to train women to tease their way to the top, while destroying their dreams and desires in the process, and turning them into the back-stabbing type.
I reccomend this movie for its wonderful window into the traditional Japanese society and for the well-done character development.

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