Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Semester Finally Over

I finished my semester on Monday. It was on major marathon to get there, since we had to finish in 2 weeks a software that we didn't really start in the first place.

I had 2 all-night coding sessions last week. Everything seemed to go wrong, from the technology that we were using that didn't work all the way to team skill and communication issues. We demoed on Saturday for one full hour... that was painful!
We wrapped the documentation on Monday and I was glad it was over.
Our supervisor has scheduled us meetings once a week for the team, as well as a monthly newsletter (which I am doing using Scribus. That's a certain learning curve but I'm doing OK.
Yesterday, I got the news that I had a paper rejected. This was a paper I put a lot of energy on, and the reviewers were not agreeing on what to fix... which doesn't help on fixing it for submitting somewhere else.
Today, our supervisor demands 9-5 work hours, with some flexibility. I won't reschedule stuff I had prepared today, but I'll have to be careful starting next week.
As a sidenote, here is a great video. Whoever did that must be really smart and creative!

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