Saturday, April 29, 2006

Paper Rehash

I spent most of my week doing some semi-magical things on the paper that was rejected in order to deal with the reviewers' comments. With a colleague, I spotted some conferences where we might submit it and found a direction of improvement (that would take more time). Noticeably, I increased the data set for our statistics by about 40%, which was not always trivial.

I'll be able to put only minimal effort on this paper in the week to come, but I feel there is a good foundation established to submi to another conferencet next Friday.

On other news, there were inspiring things... We are receiving Mike Fontenot from the Hampton Roads Church of Christ and he preached to us for the leaders' meeting. The singles and campus ministries also gathered to pray with him in the Botanical Garden. I feel a burning to get more radical in my lifestyle. I realize that I've been working from my strenght recently, and that I need to live by faith much more.
Keep on praying for me.

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