Sunday, April 2, 2006

One exam done, more celebrations

I spent the week working on one school project and preparing the final exam for that same class.
The exam went very well (Halleluiah!) and I met a guy who's really interested in studying the Bible.
We had a code-a-thon on Saturday afternoon and got significant progress done.
I had supper with my folks and a colleague to celebrate my mother's and my birthday in family.
We had a very encouraging church service, with Chuck Pike who came to teach about the problem of evil.
I did not learn a lot from the theoritical perspective, but I am encouraged to see a man who was a missionary, who works as an engineer, who is married, and who is a Teacher for God's people.

Basically, all things I'd like to see happening in my life :)
It is also shifting my perspective from "right after I get my degree" to "when the right time will appear". That means that I'm OK with the idea of getting a job in Montreal after graduating if that's the way God wants to mature me and prepare me to go missionary. Anyway, the prayers are continuing.

Also, I went to the planetarium with a few other disciples and marveled at the creation. I saw Saturn in the telescope too! My first planet :)

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