Thursday, April 6, 2006

Heavy Panting and Speed-Presenting

We had to make a project presentation today.
We were supposed to start the presentation at 5:55PM. I started running from the lab at 5:56... gives you an idea.

There was a lot of last minute work done, and we were two guys on the presentation, with unexpected merging issues.
Imagine the scene:
I leave my cellphone to a teammate to have both hands on the keyboard.
There is a slide that looks bad.
I'm yelling "slide looks bad, that's the title. In what file is it? [silence] In what file is it?"
...(more stress ommitted)...
I'm yelling "SVN conflict. How do I resolve it, how do I resolve it?"
My partner is not able to keep up with the flow of retransmission between me and the guy on the other side, obviously.
Yet, finally are able to compile this presentation and start running for the classroom.
We arrive 5 minutes late, the prof did not wait for us. He's tight on time, so he's really tight on OUR time.
He lets us pass right after, and he makes sure we don't go over a single minute.
Obviously, I'm presenting my material at a higher pace than normal...
It took (and still takes) everything in me not to be tearing through my teammates for being so much at the last minute. In the end, the presentation was (kinda) OK and delivered OK too.
I just hate working all semester to have my teammates force me in a high-stress situation because they wait at the last minute.
Honestly, moments like that just make that self-righteous side of me much much much much stronger.
The good thing is that I have only one course project left, and most likely forever.
Everything will be done in 2 weeks... and probably the same way too.
(Interruption: my neighbour's cellphone was ringing non-stop... I took it and brought it to this friend he's always with. And my pace was clear that you better not stand in my way. Conclusion: need to pray)

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