Monday, April 17, 2006

Deadline is coming ... yet I refuse to let stress win over!

So, we have this thing due for Friday...

And the learning curve for the technology is a steep one. Plug-in architectures require special work, after all.
So, I spent most of last week working until pretty late.

Nevertheless, this was not to stop my evangelism for Easter.
Nor would it prevent me from encouraging my sisters. Saturday, I went to an older sister in the morning and we were 4 listening to a CD of Vivaldi (you know how much I like that stuff). In the evening, I helped a sister submit her thesis to her supervisor (computer issues) ate out with her and we went to see Belgian clowns at the Tohu. This was definitely good.
We had help on our way by a friendly mechanic in a garage. We came back after the show and invited him to church, only to see that we missed our bus back. Yet, God being God, another bus showed up and we ended up on a faster path back to home than we would've otherwise! Talk about good planning ;)

On Sunday, I enjoyed the church service. Afterwards, I went back home, and God sent me a few religious people to evangelize... Why do they need to find baptism so much of a "work"?
Anyway, I afterwards phoned brothers and sisters I lost touch with. I then proceeded to cook some nice food while listening to Händel's Messiah. Somewhere during the 2nd part, I was done cooking and I was eating the supper with a good glass of Guavaberry (one of the best liquors in my opinion). So, while eating, I was praising Jesus, concluded by the joining of my voice on the 'Halleluiah' movement.

I also finished reading John on Sunday. I loved the density of references of His divinity that Jesus gave, which are heavily quoted in John's work. Also noteworthy is that he got close to stoning quite a few times because of that!

I am writing this while listening to Pachelbel's Canon... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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