Monday, March 6, 2006

Natural Products Madness

So, I'm deciding to give those green products a chance again, after deciding to repent of my laziness and bad eating habits. Its gonna be a uphill battle, but I gotta do it if I want to be healthier and (as a side benefit) slimmer.

The point is health first, as a sidenote.
I went to a store that was offering 10 gazillion brands, all of them being relatively expensive. The sales person was helpful, and left me with a matching number of fliers for me to consult in order to make an informed choice.
Great... I almost feel like being taken by the hand on that one. That is surprisingly unlike me.
What are my objectives?
I want a dietary supplement, not a meal replacement.
I want something that gives me energy and a good balance of nutrients, minerals and vitamins
I want something that lowers the appetite so that I don't loose control overeating (it does happen too often for my liking)
And now, those wondeful products:
greens+ (with variants: extra energy, daily detox, multi+)
vege greens
Flora HoodiaTrim
A. Vogel Helix Slim
Now... before I get an headache reading all those, does anyone have advice or practical experience to share with me?

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