Sunday, March 12, 2006

Evangelistic weekend in Quebec City

Wow. I am totally encouraged.

3 brothers, including myself, left using a rented car on Saturday morning. Their objective is simple: share the Good News in Quebec City.

We arrived at 12:00 there and ate with a brother.
At 2, we were praying and getting ready. We split in teams of two and invited for 2 hours straight. The way we shared our faith was great, because we were actually engaging in dialogue with a lot of people. We were crazy enough to get to a residence and knock on some guys' doors... almost like Jehovah Witnesses ;)
At the end of that time, 2 folks joined us. We left aside the planned Bible Talk and instead looked at Paul's preach in Athens. The guys were excited at the end and we all left to go for a spaghetti night together.
I, of course, left them to join my dad. We ate together and he showed me a DVD of the ski school with recordings of him practicing.
On we Montreal people preached during the service. We reused our message on "those who dream" and the feeback was great once more! The folks we met the day before were there too. I was so excited to see their interest too!
Afterwards, we chatted and went to a restaurant, then I drove back to Montreal. We had a leaders' meeting where our opinion and ideas was really listened to and though over. I feel I made a contribution today.
One suggestion I had was to make Bible Talk seminars, in order to give confidence to the folks who'd be interested in running them. We'll see if there are voluntters. :)
Overall, I feel great. I feel that God has used me this weekend. I feel vibrant spiritually of having fought so much on the battlefield for a given day. I feel joyful at the idea of people studying the Bible. You get the idea :)

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