Monday, March 6, 2006

Enjoyable weekend

On Friday, it started with a cancelled class that allowed me to get some more work done.
Then I got to see a movie with brothers.

On Saturday, it was followed by a d-time and lots of catchups, completed by a great meal and a board games night.

On Sunday, it was a vibrant church service, a common meal, and work on a message mixed with time with friends...

So, I finally watched Star Wars Episode III. I liked it for the deeper lessons, not for the acting. What I liked the most was
a) he didn't get any of what he wanted, just like Satan promises but doesn't deliver
b) the corruption was very progressive and it was unavoidable, even though some willpower was involved in it
c) being fully open is a necessity
d) pushing a struggling man out of the way is not a good idea, empowerment is better.
e) finish what you start, it might come to bite you otherwise
We were supposed to play at LaserQuest, but some came late and we would be almost alone playing... so we fell on plan B.
The meal was nice. We had a good supper prepared by one of the married couples, and the 7 of us afterwards played Cranium, a Québécois board game that was a lot of fun. It includes trivia, linguistics, drawing/sculpting and singing/miming categories. In that sense, its kind of more balanced than many other such games I played in the past.
We had a 'beach service' this Sunday. The preach was a blaze of fire. It talked about unity and attacked solidly some dissenting spirit that we have seen recently (church replantings, calling people to change church, politically cutting contributions, etc.) I liked when he opened a phone book and said "this guy here... I'm sure he's going to the wrong church! and that other guy, wrong church too!" and basically telling to start with the white pages if you want to call people to change church. Brilliant. And he also asked us if Jesus, despite his sharp disagreements with the leaders of his time, stopped giving contribution, called people to change synagogue, etc.
Afterwards, some of us stayed to eat, others went to get meals and missed the whole point of the beach service.
Then, I went home and started working on my Friday devotional message "Bible Sex: You Know You Want it"... that should wake up the sleepyheads :) I spent a lot of time on the historical of the false idea that Christianity sees sexuality as some kind of bad thing. I talked a bit with a sister working on an assignment at our place, and I had supper with my roomate and her. Afterwards, I had the pleasure of giving a phone call to someone in Toronto and it was time for bed :)
For once, my 'day of rest' looked a bit like one!

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