Sunday, February 19, 2006

Grrrrrrrrreat Campus Service

So, the Campus ministry was in charge of doing the service today.

We had a video that was filmed by our evangelist and edited by a brother.
We split the preach in 3 parts, of which I did one.
We had a sharing and a deep passage for communion.
We had a performance of a Bob Marley song and a rap song too.

It was great, and people loved it.

Our theme was "Those Who Dream"
We preached of 3 dreamers: Samuel, Saul and David. I did Saul, and he's a wonderful counter-example.
He managed to annoy God to the point of loosing the Holy Spirit by his disobedience, now that's something!
I served a few strong exhortations about religiosity, following what you think is God's way without checking if it is, about the risk of loosing our salvation.
I had to squeeze it shorter than it was supposed, as the brother before me took more than his planned time, and that we were asked to shorten the whole sermon to avoid making the service too long... it was the first time I was doing a point such as "and this happenend, check xyz if you don't believe me"... I'm typically much more of a purist than that. :)
The response from the brothers and sisters was very encouraging. I was stressed beforehand, as this was the first time I was preaching before the whole congregation. I am glad this is done. It is a victory and a milestone for me.

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